ISSA Construction
President, International Section of the ISSA on Prevention in the Construction Industry (ISSA-C), Germany Professor Karl-Heinz Noetel is a Civil Engineer and he has extensive experience in the fields of safety and health at work, and in the standardisation, use, application, testing and certification of Personal Protective Equipment and Machinery. Professor Noetel is a Professor in the University of Wuppertal, Germany and an Honorary Professor at the Scientific Institute of Occupational Health of Russian Academy of Medical Science. He is a Senior Consultant of DGUV and Director of BG BAU Department for DGUV Co-operations. On International level, Professor Noetel is President of ISSA Construction and CEO of the International Cooperation “Prevention Forum+”. He was a lecturer in a countless number of conferences, seminars and training courses and has great experience as a leader of countless teams of international experts in more than 20 countries. Professor Noetel is a lecturer on occupational safety and health, legal aspects, testing and certification, standardisation and management systems at the University of Wuppertal. Since 1991, he worked in and managed various European and International research projects and has numerous publications.


Title “Everyone has a role to play – Knowledge transfer about the hazards of building materials to achieve Vision Zero”

Training for building materials typically involves the teaching of technical skills and knowledge related to construction materials, their properties, and usage. This type of training may cover a range of building materials like wood, cement, bricks, tiles, metals, and plastics.

The training may include topics such as:
1. Material identification and classification
2. Properties and characteristics of different building materials
3. Proper handling, storage, and disposal of building materials
4. Safety measures while working with building materials
5. Measuring and cutting techniques for different materials
6. Installation and assembly of building materials
7. Maintenance and repair of building materials and structures

Training for building materials may also involve hands-on experience, allowing trainees to practice their skills and gain practical experience in working with different building materials. Additionally, vocational training may incorporate theoretical knowledge, such as design principles and research methods, to develop a comprehensive understanding of building materials and their applications.

Appropriate training is on the one hand part of Vision Zero but also on the other hand a human right to avoid accidents and occupational diseases.

The presentation will give an overview about some international solutions.