As Co-Head of digital transformation & corporate development, Jakob Kort is responsible for BG BAU's further development into a service-oriented, customer-centric social insurance agency. He also supports countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal in the further development of their healthcare systems on behalf of DGUV. Currently he works closely together with construction enterprises as well as with governmental and provincial authorities in China to establish a data driven prevention cycle in the context of the EU-funded project “Contributing to policymaking in Occupational Safety in China and the EU.” Previously, Jakob Kort worked for various management consultancies, including Capgemini Invent. During this time, he was responsible for cross-sector strategy, corporate development and large-scale IT-projects for public and private sector clients. Jakob Kort studied politics, social sciences and history in Berlin and Paris and completed an MBA in General Management in Cambridge and Berlin.

Session 2: Leadership
Title: “Connecting the dots between data and prevention: How a databased Leadership-Culture supports the goals of Vision Zero”


Technological innovation is advancing, as is data proliferation and the pace at which new services based on the analysis of these data pools are being developed.

This opens up new business and service opportunities for enterprises and public organizations all around the globe, as the Boston Consulting Group highlights. And has implications for a new, databased leadership-culture.

The same challenges and potentials are applicable when it comes to the question of how data analysis can help to strengthen healthcare and especially prevention services for the sake of better working environments.

According to the title of the conference “Respect human rights, everyone has a role to play”, the presentation will answer the question, how the insights of data will play an important role in the coming years in protecting human rights. Especially in re-shaping a databased leadership-culture and enhancing working conditions alongside a sustainable supply chain.

Germany and especially the German social insurance organizations have a strong record of success in collecting, analyzing and processing data. Additionally, Germany started several years ago to connect the dots between a strong data base and the design of new digital prevention services to shape the future of safe and healthy working environments.
Thereby, the presentation will show some examples of innovative, data-driven prevention services, which mostly have been implemented by BG BAU or other players of the German healthcare-sector:

  1. “My BG BAU”: Our platform approach to make our services available 24/7 from all over the world
  2. Artificial Intelligence to avoid accidents on the construction side and strengthen prevention services
  3. The “Digital Construction Side” and new approaches of databased E-Learnings
  4. Digital Health Care App´s like Instahelp as an innovative German approach of digital, preventive medicine products

The presentation will be supplemented by some international best practices in connecting the dots between data and prevention, for example the design and implementation of a prevention app to enhance working conditions and covid prevention in Bangladesh.

The presentation will end with a vision for a new, databased leadership-culture and a connected vision of an interoperable, platform-based German health-care system with a strong focus on databased prevention services.