Mr. Neophytos Yiannakou
Neophytos Yiannakou is a chartered civil engineer with extensive experience in the design and delivery of complex building and infrastructure projects. He graduated with a master’s degree in civil engineering from University College London and is a full member of the Association for Project Management in the UK. As project manager at Ramboll, Neophytos is leading a team of engineers overseeing the successful completion of a complex, £140m construction project within the British military bases in Cyprus. Prior to this, Neophytos worked as structural bridge engineer at Ramboll in London, where he was involved with several high-profile projects, including the prestigious Crossrail’s Old Oak Common Depot in London, the $2.5Bn Cherchell Port in Algeria and the award-winning International Quarter at Stratford. Neophytos has recently obtained a mental health first aider certificate to support the people around him in improving their wellbeing and realising their full potential.

Session 1: Focus on People
Title “Mental Health and Wellbeing – Application in the Construction Industry”


Mental health is an essential aspect of overall wellbeing, and mental illness is a common issue affecting one in four people at some point in their lives. The construction industry is a unique sector that poses several challenges to workers’ mental health, such as high levels of stress, long working hours, cultural diversity, and safety concerns.

This presentation aims to introduce the issue of mental health in the construction industry, explore its application and unique challenges, provide some industry best practices, and offer tools to enhance mental fitness. As a certified Mental Health First Aider, Neophytos will share his knowledge, focusing on his company Ramboll, on promoting mental well-being in the workplace.

The presentation will comprise an introduction to mental health, including its definition, importance, and the distinction between mental illness and mental fitness/well-being. Neophytos will present statistics on mental illness and its impact on individuals, highlighting the need for awareness and support.

Next, Neophytos will explore the issue of mental health in the construction industry, presenting statistics and the causes of stress in the construction environment. He will discuss the unique challenges faced by workers and the need for targeted solutions.

Using Ramboll as a case study, Neophytos will present some industry best practices and initiatives that promote mental well-being in the workplace. These practices will include examples of policies, programs, and resources that support employees’ mental health.

The presentation will also address the importance of supporting others, including awareness of the signs of mental distress and providing support and resources. Neophytos will share some practical steps that we can take to help others who may be struggling with their mental health.

Finally, the presentation will focus on self-improvement, discussing how we can build our mental fitness through self-care and self-improvement. Neophytos will provide tips for taking care of our mental and physical health, emphasising the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

In summary, this presentation will highlight the critical issue of mental health in the construction industry and emphasise the need for awareness, support, and targeted solutions. Through industry best practices, supporting one another, and promoting self-improvement, we can build a strong foundation for mental health and prioritise our well-being in the workplace, where we spend a considerable portion of our lives.